PureFlix Challenge: Results

So I wrote about a month ago *checks WordPress*, actually, 27 days ago that I would subject myself to all kinds of Christian media and entertainment from the online streaming company “PureFlix.” Well, things did not go as I planned. 

I intended to watch a representative of their genres and see just how hokey and cliche the programs would be-I just never got around to it. I recently accepted a managerial position at my coffee shop and I have been drowning in all kinds of stress. And to be honest, the last thing I wanted to do when I got back to my apartment was watch Sean Astin play a role so beneath him. 

The one film I did watch, Until Forever, left me unsatisfied with the writing and the plot. Despite it being based a true story, a heart breaking one at that, I found it ridiculous how there had to be a tolken atheist in the film, that there was a theodicy discussion, and a brief scene of doubt only to be remedied in the traditional Christian way. I had issues with the sole atheist character also doubling as the only African-American in the film. I also had issue with the whole focal point of the film was the protagonist’s struggle with cancer and faith. His girlfriend (later wife) only had one real scene to herself. It was assumed that she continued to support him throughout his  journey and nothing was shown about her development or issues except a brief scene. Overall, I guess I just had issues with it in general. 

So I failed my self-appointed challenge. By to be honest, I’m kind of glad I failed. I unintentionally spared myself from poorly written and unrealistically happy dreams of life. Where is the grit? Where is the real life pain and sorrow that illuminates the Christian message so much more?  

Excuse me now as I go and read more Stephen King. 


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